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As in previous years, an opportunity exists for stallholders to attend Wings Over Illawarra 2018

Stallholder applications for 2018 are now open.

The airshow layout has changed for 2018 with the most noticeable change being the addition of a large family carnival area and freestyle motocross displays on the southern side of the event area.

Application Process

  • Please read stallholder Information and conditions below.
  • Complete the Stallholder Application and Agreement Form.
  • All stall sites will be allocated on a first come first served basis.
  • Applications will close at 5pm, Friday 23rd February 2018, however we encourage you to send in your application early to avoid disappointment.
  • Once your application has been received, you will receive confirmation via email.
  • If your application is successful you will then receive a site allocation and invoice by email.
  • Full payment will be due immediately upon receipt of invoice.
  • Site allocation will only be held for 7 days pending payment in full. If payment is not received within 7 days site will be released to other applicants.
  • A current certificate of public liability insurance will then be requested.
  • Once payment and proof of current insurance is received stallholder passes and bump in information will be issued.

Stallholder Information and Conditions

  • All applications must be received by 5pm, Friday 23rd February 2018. Organisers encourage you to send your application in early, to avoid disappointment, as sites will be allocated on a first come first served basis.
  • Applicants must list an accurate description of products, to be sold on their stall (if required on the application form). They will be required to sell only those items that have been accepted in their application. The organisers reserve the right to request vendors who have not accurately described their products to remove those unlisted products from sale or close their stall.
  • The organisers may receive more applications for stalls than can be accommodated. Some stalls are not accepted simply on the grounds of duplication. A non-acceptance notification is not necessarily a reflection on the quality of your goods/stock.
  • Selection decisions are final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  • All stallholders must comply with relevant statutory regulations including Shellharbour City Council’s Sustainable Event Policy, which bans the use of polystyrene products and non recyclable plastic products.
  • All stallholders will be required to provide the organisers with a certificate of currency of public liability insurance to the value of $20,000,000 naming Bright Events Pty Ltd and Shellharbour City Council as interested parties. Proof of insurance must be received by the organisers before Stallholder Passes and Bump in information will be issued. No stallholder will be admitted without a Stallholder Pass.
  • There will be a limited number of sites available for “Not For Profit” organisations at no cost and these sites will be limited to a single 3m x 3m site. If more space is required, stallholders fees, according to the space required over and above a single 3m x 3m site will be payable. Consideration for site allocation of these sites will be based on order of receipt of application along with items for sale and duplication.
  • Stallholders will be required to be open for business during the public access times of 9 am til 5 pm on both days of the event.
  • A maximum of 6 stallholder passes will be available per stall including "Not For Profit" groups.
  • Any cancellations received after 31st March 2018 will not be refunded. Wings Over Illawarra is an all weather event and as such, no refunds will be made due to inclement weather.
  • All rubbish, including stock packaging, must be removed by the stallholder at the end of the day and not placed in or around the bins provided for airshow patrons.

Stallholder Fees
Fees include both Saturday and Sunday of the event.

  • Food & Beverage stall sites are 3m x 3m in size (footprint only) and are priced at $600 + GST per 3m x 3m site (power included).
  • Coffee Van sites are sized to fit 1 standard sized mobile coffee van and are priced at $550 + GST per site (No power available).
  • General stall sites are 3m x 3m in size (footprint only) and are priced at $550 + GST per site (No power available).
  • Aircraft and Aviation stall sites are available in 2 sizes 15m x 10m and 10m x 10m and are all priced at $550 + GST (No power available).

Food & Beverage Sites
All food & beverage stalls sites will have power available. A single 15 Amp power supply is included in the food & beverage site price for Areas "B", "C" & "D".  However only 10 Amp power supplies are available in Food & Beverage Area "A" also included site price. All stallholders will be required to supply their own tested and tagged leads.
Additional Power feeds - For those requiring additonal power feeds to stall sites, these can be ordered for a cost of $50 + GST per additional power feed.

  • Stallholder with 3 sites (9m x 3m) and power requirements of up to 3 included supply feeds - Total fees = $1,800 + GST
  • Stallholder with 1 site (3m x 3m) and power requirements of 2 supply feeds (1 included + 1 additional) - Total fees = $650 + GST

Power leads from power supply points to stall sites will be the stallholders responsibility.
Successful applicants will be notified of distance from site to power supply point in their acceptance email.
All leads must be tested and tagged with current tags.

Coffee Van Sites
Coffee van sites will be individually located around the event site and not positioned with the food & beverage sites.
These sites are for mobile coffee vans only and cannot be accompanied by tents or marquees.
Coffee van sites will not have power available and applicants must provide their own power source.

General Stallholder Sites
These sites are for Information stalls and Merchandise stalls only.
These sites will not have power available, but stallholders are welcome to supply their own silenced generators should power be required.

Aircraft & Aviation Sites
These sites are for Aviation related stalls only and are available in 2 sizes 15m x 10m and 10m x 10m.
15m wide sites are for stallholders wishing to incorporate an aircraft into their site, eg. flying schools, while the 10m sites are for smaller aircraft and larger aviation information stalls.
These sites will not have power available, but stallholders are welcome to supply their own silenced generators should power be required.

Note: ALL stalls must fit within the allocated site boundary.
Those requiring additional space behind their stalls for trailers, preparation areas or coolrooms must be located in Area "C" or will need to apply and pay for multiple adjoining sites.
Due to a change in site locations the front of stalls MUST NOT extend beyond the marked site boundary so as to not encroach upon taxiway clearances and, with the exception of Area "C", only limited space will be available behind stall site (approx 1m).
All vehicles must be removed from the event site following "bump-in" and prior to the gates opening to the public.

Stallholder Site Locations
The location of stallholder sites can be seen on the following site layout:

Click Image to Enlarge



For more detailed layouts, stall site numbers, availability and applications please select the relevant pages below:


The Wings Over Illawarra organisers are striving to produce an event that is successful and profitable for all participants and we wish you luck with your application

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