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7 & 8 November, 2020



Be part of a continuing success story.

Wings Over Illawarra is a unique, exciting, popular and well located airshow that grown significantly over the last few years is poised for further growth in 2020 and beyond. Sponsoring Wings Over Illawarra can help you build your organisation’s brand, connect with target markets, and attract attention from a growing audience - all while being associated with a source of enjoyment.

With the endless array of marketing options available, deciding how to get the best value from your marketing dollar can be challenging. But when it comes to connecting with target markets, influencing stakeholders or engaging employees, nothing provides deeper and longer lasting connections than a well chosen and leveraged event sponsorship.

In human history few quests have captured imaginations, stirred passions, fostered creativity and inspired innovation like man’s desire to fly. Today the miracle of flight continues to bring people together from all walks of life - provoking amazement, passion, curiosity, and investment.

Broad Demographic

An event such as Wings Over Illawarra is more than just an airshow, encompassing many aspects of the aviation industry. The event appeals to a very broad audience via its ability to showcase the latest drone technology and flight simulation developments through to recreational and general aviation pursuits and of course the finest military and historic aircraft displays.

Wings Over Illawarra appeals to five key visitor segments with attendees range from:

  • Senior citizens basking in the nostalgia of vintage aircraft,
  • Affluent ‘baby boomers’ enjoying their passion for aviation and adventure,
  • Young families sharing positive experiences,
  • Teenagers dreaming of an aviation career,
  • Pilots and aviation industry members.

Whatever market you’re targeting, sponsoring Wings Over Illawarra can help you connect with it.

Sydneysiders love big events and Sydney’s event calendar is as diverse as it is plentiful; offering everything from concerts, festivals and culture to cricket, football and car racing.

Yet, there remains one event missing…

One event that stirs passions, captures imaginations and excites people like no other.
One event that is unique, spectacular and appealing to all generations, genders and backgrounds.
One event that Sydneysiders have had to travel long distances at great expense to enjoy ... until now.

That event is an airshow.

Sydney’s busy airspace and heavily populated suburbs make a metropolitan air show impossible, but Sydneysiders have a first class air show right on their doorstep - just a short drive or easy train ride away.

From humble beginnings as a local volunteer-run community event, Wings Over Illawarra has grown to become a fully-fledged commercial airshow. It attracts Australia’s most popular aircraft and aerobatic pilots to offer air and ground displays that outstrip most airshows across Australia and New Zealand. With the addition of The NSW Drone Expo, Oz Flight Sim Expo and a General Aviation Precinct to the already outstanding list of attractions, Wings Over Illawarra is set to increase its footprint and awareness in the Sydney and NSW markets and in 2020 will give you the chance to build your brand in partnership with Sydney’s only airshow.

Wings Over Illawarra is ready for take-off in the Sydney market, giving you the chance to build your brand in partnership with Sydney’s next big event. Don’t let this opportunity fly by!

About Wings Over Illawarra - The Sydney Airshow

Wings Over Illawarra is an annual airshow held at Shellharbour Airport, Albion Park Rail in Shellharbour City on the first weekend in May, it is the only major annual airshow in NSW and its diverse program includes:

  • modern military aircraft
  • historic warbirds
  • aerobatics by professional performers, military aviators and rare warbirds
  • flying demonstrations
  • children’s rides
  • static displays of aircraft, simulators, memorabilia, aviation technology and more!

The perfect location

Being located at the picturesque Shellharbour Airport means Wings Over Illawarra is:

  • the only airshow within easy reach of metropolitan Sydney and Canberra
  • the only airshow directly accessible via the Sydney Trains network (Albion Park station is within 100m of the airshow main gate) and the M1 - the primary arterial road link to Sydney and the South Coast
  • the only airshow held at the home of Australia’s premier historic aircraft collection
  • located at the gateway to NSW’s most popular tourism region and Sydney’s favourite family getaway destination
  • surrounded by rapidly expanding residential suburbs filled with young, affluent and aspiring families

Wings Over Illawarra offers a large population an affordable, conveniently-located family airshow experience in a picturesque coastal setting people already enjoy visiting.

“Sponsorship offers a unique, passionate environment to help achieve your marketing objectives”

Sponsoring Wings Over Illawarra 2020 associates your brand with a dynamic, action-packed event that is growing in popularity, scale and professionalism. Expected attendance in 2020 will be in excess of 35,000.

Connect your brand with Sydney’s Airshow and watch it soar!

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