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Be part of a continuing success story.

Wings Over Illawarra is a unique, exciting, popular and well located air show that is poised for significant growth in 2016 and beyond. Sponsoring Wings Over Illawarra can help you build your organisation’s brand, connect with target markets, and attract attention from a growing audience - all while being associated with a source of enjoyment.

With the endless array of marketing options available, deciding how to get the best value from your marketing dollar can be challenging. But when it comes to connecting with target markets, influencing stakeholders or engaging employees, nothing provides deeper, longer lasting connections than a well chosen and leveraged event sponsorship.

In human history few quests have captured imaginations, stirred passions, fostered creativity and inspired innovation like man’s desire to fly. Today the miracle of flight continues to bring people together from all walks of life - provoking amazement, passion, curiosity, and investment.

Wings Over Illawarra appeals to three key visitor segments. Attendees range from senior citizens basking in the nostalgia of vintage aircraft, affluent ‘baby boomers’ enjoying their passion for aviation and adventure, young families sharing positive experiences and teenagers dreaming of an aviation career. Whatever market you’re targeting, sponsoring Wings Over Illawarra can help you connect with it.

Sponsoring Wings Over Illawarra 2016 associates your brand with a dynamic, action-packed event that is growing in popularity, scale and professionalism.

Connect your brand with Sydney’s ‘next big event’.

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