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Freestyle Motocross

Freestyle Motocross

2018 will see the introduction of world class freestyle motocross displays to Wings Over Illawarra.

If all the aircraft action on the ground and in the air aren't enough to keep all members of the family entertained, this year Wings Over Illawarra will feature 4 action packed Freestyle Motocross displays across each day of the show.

With FMX displays planned for 10am, 12pm, 2pm and 4pm on both days everyone will get a chance to check out these talented riders stunts, jumps and big air at some time during the day. Displays will feature the amazing skills of 3 of Australia's best FMX riders.

After each display the riders will be happy to give spectators the opportunity to talk to the guys, ask questions, sign autographs, see the bikes up close and pose for photos.

Rider Profiles:

Name: Michael Norris
Age: 32
Home Town: Newcastle, NSW
Nickname: Chucky
What bike do you ride: Yamaha YZ250
Favourite country: Australia
Best place ever visited: Kuala Lumpur
Best thing about travelling: Seeing amazing new places
Best trick: Ruler Back flip
Biggest achievement in your life: Being apart of the Nitro Circus Live World Tour & Crusty Demons Live shows that tour the world


Name: Alex Bucholtz
Age: 26
Home Town: Albury, NSW
Nickname: Bucky
What bike do you ride: Yamaha YZ250
Favourite country: Dubai
Best place ever visited: New Zealand & Spain
Best thing about travelling: Cultural Experience and meeting new friends
Best trick: Double Heart Indy and Rocksoild
Biggest achievement in your life: Getting paid to do what I love, riding bikes and owning my first house.


Name: Codie Rooney
Age: 25
Home Town: Wodonga, VIC
Nickname: Roonz
What bike do you ride: YZ250
Favourite country: Japan
Best place ever visited: Hawaii
Best thing about travelling: The different cultural experience
Best trick: Nac Flip
Biggest achievement in your life: Landing a backflip to dirt for the first time and buying a house

The live motocross stunt show will be provided by Team ARD and their state of the art touring FMX truck, the largest portable landing ramp in the sport.


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